5 Stunning Ways To Wear Block Prints And Look Fabulous

Hand block printing on garments is an art form that has been doing the rounds since ages. It is something that is evergreen and classy. With the ever-emerging fashion industry, the block prints have become one of the strongest fashion trends for 2018. Today block prints can be found adorning the neck-lines and hemline of a range of apparels.

Ethnic block printed garments are not only rustic and alluring but they also have the ability to transform your look. This chic and sophisticated trend has a global wearability. So if you are also fascinated by trendy block prints and aspire to have a vast collection of block printed garments then this blog is for you.

If you are wondering which all kinds of block printed garments to add to your wardrobe then we will help you out. In this blog, we will share with you a complete guide on various ways to wear block prints. So make maximum use of it and look super stylish.


5 Trendy Ways To Wear Trendy Block Prints


  • Dresses

The handmade block printing goes super well with dresses. May it be your day dress, vintage Indian dress, Mexican boho dress or any other dress, this trendy fashion goes with everything. You can wear these block printed dresses for a casual lunch date or a get-together and make a bold style statement.

  • Tops

Block print on tops is evergreen and the good thing about block print tops is their versatility. When it comes to handmade block printed tops, there is a lot of scope for you to experiment with vibrant colours and bold prints. You can wear it for a casual meet, dinner or for your kid's school visit and make heads turn.

  • Jackets

If you think wearing a block print top is not your thing, then maybe block print jacket can be your pick. Buy yourself a block print jacket and pair it with any casual top. It will surely go a long way in making you look stunning and fresh.

  • Stoles

Let go of your plain boring stoles and make way for pretty block print stoles. Add grace and depth to your outfit with the colourful and handmade block printed stoles. You can wear these block printed stoles with your favourite white top or any solid colour top for a fun casual vibe.

  • Bottoms

Add a dash of colour to your casual bottoms with the block print on them and you are good to go! It will look super stylish and you will set a fresh trend with these smart block printed clothes. This season invest in block printed bottoms and we guarantee you will get lots of compliments. Pair it with a solid coloured tank top for a snazzy look.


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