Stunning Bohemian Fashion Trend For Summer 2018

Are you a fashionista and want to keep up with the freshest trends in fashion this summer 2018? If yes, you have come to the right place. The much talked about trend right now is Bohemian fashion. Bohemian clothes are trendy and are a style statement for every age. This style is gracing ramps, television and magazines.

A Peek into Bohemian Style

The bohemian style, also known as boho style is inspired by art, the 70’s, travel and free-spiritedness. Bohemian clothing has a relaxed vibe and is very soothing. It is a feminine and seductive trend, which will make you feel one with the earth and with your womanhood. Bohemian style is all about freedom, peace and free-spirited people. This unique style makes every woman look creative and individual.

By keeping in mind few things like colours, patterns and few simple concepts, you can dress just like a bohemian and flaunt your style this summer 2018. So, let us delve into knowing more about the bohemian clothing colours and patterns that are stealing the show right now.

Bohemian Clothing Colours and Patterns

Boho fashion features ultra-feminine, romantic, flowy, comfy and creative clothes. You can pick any pattern that suits your style ranging from florals to swirling designs, mixing nature with shapes, feathers, lace, crochet, embroidery, solid blocks of warm colour or nature loving designs.

Typical boho colours are rich and warm. The key colours range from white to cream white, purple, olive green, mauve, maroon, burnt orange, pink, brown, mustard and many others. You can mix up your colour scheme by adding bold yellow, blue and purple shades combining them with gold and silver jewellery. But remember to keep the colour combinations simple with not more than 3 to 4 colours in one look.

You can pick a Bohemian day dress, Bohemian maxi dress, boho embroidery jacket, Mexican boho dress or an Indian embroidery boho dress depending on your taste and style. You can carry this style wherever you go, may it be at beaches, a day party, at a show, to a wedding, while travelling or when you are out for a drink with your friends. So, next time when you go for a beach outing or a day party, try out this trendy fashion and get amazed by the compliments you receive.

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