Top 7 Bohemian Dressing Tips You Must Know

Beautiful bohemian clothing is the latest trend these days and you will find a lot of fashion freeks following this style right from your favourite models and celebrities to mums hanging out with their children and festival goers. Bohemian chic fashion has officially taken over red carpets, runways and even bridal collections.

The bohemian dressing is associated with free-spirited, creative and carefree attitude. Bohemian style dresses are one of the all time favorite style vibes for many Australians today but it can be tricky to pull off. So we have come to your rescue with a simple and easy cheat sheet to help you nail bohemian style in a flash. So here are some tips on how to dress like a modern bohemian. Infuse the bohemian elements into your wardrobe with these tips.


  • Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

Bohemian dresses are all about free-flowing designs with light floaty fabrics. The bohemian style is all about relaxation, so avoid skintight or body hugging dresses. Think of breezy and flowing patterns. Look for billowing dresses and soft flowing tops.

  • Get Floral

A bohemian look is incomplete without the floral touch to it. You can go for an Indian embroidery boho dress or a Mexican boho dress or a day dress with floral print on them. Embrace florals and don’t be afraid to over do it.

  • Buy Things Oversized

The bohemian style is all about dressing loose and comfortable. There is nothing as too big, too long or too billowy. So, go for a size up whether you are wearing a boho jacket or a vintage Mexican dress.

  • Layer It Up

Don’t be afraid to put unexpected pieces together like you can try an embroidered jacket over a flowy dress, or a loose cardigan sweater over a broderie dress, or an ankle length kimono over a maxi dress.

  • Mix Colours

Don’t shy away from mixing bold colours and patterns, because the bohemian style is all about fun and vibrancy. Mix different textures to create interesting outfits. Remember to keep it simple and elegant, you don’t want to over do it.

  • Pick Good Fabric

Go for a nice fabric with either delicate vintage inspired prints, handprint, embroidery garment, metallic threads, lace or bold and vibrant accents. Just keep it in your own style and if you love it, it will work.

  • Add Interesting Footwear

Add boots, strappy sandals, wedges or beaded flats to any outfit to get the perfect boho chic look.


Apart from the above mentioned tips, you can also wear chunky jewellery, add a feminine touch to your look with a headwear, throw on a scarf on a flowing day dress and do a lot more to enhance your bohemian style. Just remember to choose comfortable, easy and effortless styles when it comes to bohemian dresses.

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